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SAP San Antonio
Texas, Nevada, Colorado, Virginia

Johnny R. Ybarra, MS, LCDC, MAC, DOT-SAP

Main Office: 8546 Broadway Bldg. C Ste. 200

San Antonio, TX 78217

Phone: (210) 459-9894

About Me:

Welcome to the Behavioral Support Center! I'm Johnny, a seasoned Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor based in Texas, over a decade of expertise in the realm of substance use and mental health disorders. As the CEO of our center, my primary focus is on conducting DOT SAP Evaluations and offering comprehensive SAP services. These are essential for DOT professionals in San Antonio and nearby regions who have encountered a positive drug test result. If you're in need of a SAP evaluation, don't hesitate to reach out. My goal is to help you resume your professional journey with safety and confidence. Let's collaborate to pave your way back to work!

SAP San Antonio Texas, Alcohol and Drug Evaluations Texas.
SAP Process

Step 1: Schedule your initial interview and register in the clearinghouse
Step 2: Complete your initial interview with the SAP
Step 3: Complete a DOT required education course online or counseling sessions
Step 4: Complete a follow-up session with the SAP
Step 5: Receive your Return to Duty Letter from the SAP. A copy will be emailed to your employer. 
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